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The choice of Architects, Designers and Contractors Worldwide! The choice of Architects, Designers and Contractors Worldwide!


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Engineered to last

Chemcrest Inc. offers hundreds of products for exterior use. The intricate detail of our patterns with crisp clean lines set us apart from the competition.

Our High-Density Polyurethane Balustrade Systems, Columns & Porch Posts, Entrance & Window Systems, Louvers, Mouldings and Siding are engineered to last with precision fitting; lightweight and far easier to install than traditional products.

Unmatched Detail

Chemcrest Inc. offers a variety of decorative mouldings and millwork for interior use. Unique patterns, precision alignment and fitting of our mouldings set us apart. Compared to plaster or wood mouldings our products enable faster installation with consistent quality; cost-effective, lasting and timeless solutions.

Our Interior Products are available in High Density Polyurethane, High Density Polystyrene and Low Density Polystyrene.


Architectural Mouldings and Millwork

Our interior and exterior architectural mouldings and millwork are perfect for all sorts of remodeling and restoration projects. Contact us to order any decorative millwork products, including high-quality crown moulding.

Chemcrest has been a synthetic millwork category leader for nearly forty years. We make and distribute over 3,000 interior and exterior architectural millwork products and custom designs for some of North America’s leading homebuilders and serve smaller firms through our distribution network.    

Commercial and residential property owners value synthetic millwork because it’s beautiful, practical, durable, and virtually maintenance free. It resists rot, insects and doesn’t shrink, warp or expand with changing temperatures and humidity so paint lasts longer and doesn’t crack.

Our customer service at Chemcrest helps architects, purchasing agents, carpenters, contractors, project managers and builders make quality decisions, avoid pitfalls, and deliver construction, renovation, and restoration projects within scope, schedule and budget.

Chemcrest architectural products, moldings, and millwork are made of Polyurethane, Cellular PVC, Styrene and Structural Fiberglass. Accurate scalable technical drawings (.pdf/.dwg) can be downloaded and integrated into renderings and specifications to set buyer expectations and ensure they are met.

We can provide quotes through our website, by e-mail; [email protected], or by phone; 1-800-665-6653 (Toll-Free US & Canada) and we look forward to working with you.

Our Products

Click for more image Balustrade Systems

Adding a balustrade system to your project is an inexpensive way to recreate the timeless elegance of historical design.

Click for moreimage Ceiling Elements

Our decorative ceiling elements include rings, rosettes, medallions, surface mounted domes, ceiling domes and ceiling beams.

Click for moreimage Columns & Porch Posts

Styles come and go, but columns have stayed in fashion for over 3000 years.

Click for moreimage Entrance & Window Systems

For new construction or remodeling, our Architectural Products provide the finishing touch.

Click for moreimage Decorative Millwork

Enhancing one’s home is synonymous with enjoying one’s surroundings. We offer a number of decorative accents to add to your home’s décor.

Click for moreimage Louvers

Make dramatic and beautiful accents to your exterior facade with our Functional or Decorative polyurethane louvers.

Click for moreimage Mouldings

We offer hundreds of moulding profiles for Interior or Exterior use.

Click for moreimage Niches

Use our wall niches in a foyer, stairwell, hallway, or beside a fireplace to display a treasured artifact or a beautiful floral arrangement.