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General Installation Information


Please read this first before proceeding with any installation of Chemcrest products!

Detailed installation instruction supplementing the instructions in this catalogue can be found at our website:

Unless otherwise indicated, all Chemcrest Inc. materials are to be used for decorative purpose only.

All products must be installed using PLENTY of urethane-based adhesive such as PL Premium AND non-corrosive mechanical fasteners.

All products are supplied with a factory applied UV inhibited barrier coating and a field-ready primer coat. Any exposed surfaces that do not have these coatings (such as cut or sanded surfaces) must be primed and painted immediately before applying the final finish coatings on site.

All products can be patched and repaired using a high-quality, exterior, non-shrinking wood path compound or bondo. After patching the damaged area, sand the patch smooth, prime and paint to finish. Broken pieces can be re-attached using urethane-based adhesive.

All products must be acclimatized for a minimum of 12 hours prior to installation.

Please check with all local building codes in case there are specific procedures required to meet local codes.

"Woodgrained" products may be stained using high-quiality gel-stains only. Regular wood stains will not absorb into the product and will leave an undesirable finish. Modified woodgrain products cannot be stained.

All installation procedures and information listed in this catalog are to be used as guidelines only! The chemcrest Inc. assumes no liability for any damages, including but not limited to personal, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use or installation of its products.