Chemcrest Location

Chemcrest Inc.
157 Rivermede Rd
Concord, ON L4K 3M4
Fax: 1.888.715.1813
1-800-665-6653 (USA & Canada)



  1. Interior and exterior architectural details and millwork shall be manufactured of High Density Polyurethane as supplied by Chemcrest Inc.
  2. Chemcrest Inc’s continuous improvement policy means that we may, without notice, change our designs at any time.


  1. Product Data: Submit manufacturer’s descriptive literature, specifications, installation instructions and limited warranties.
  2. Warranty: Manufacturer’s Limited Polyurethane Warranty is to be submitted.
  3. Product Material Specifications: Obtain from the manufacturer for submission to the relevant building code authority.


  1. No substitutions will be allowed.


  1. All exterior products as supplied by Chemcrest Inc. will have primer for UV degradation resistance.
  2. Any polyurethane products as supplied by Chemcrest Inc. are water resistant.
  3. Any polyurethane products as supplied by Chemcrest Inc. are odour-free and are manufactured without the use of CFC’s.
  4. Chemcrest Inc. supplied products resist the growth of mould and mildew, and are avoided by termites and other destructive insects, rodents, and organisms.
  5. Chemcrest Inc. supplied products provide a greater insulating value (R value) than comparable wood products.


  1. Chemcrest Inc. products should be shipped flat or on a wrapped skid as provided by Chemcrest Inc. Do not open or rearrange the shipments as they are stacked and packaged to prevent damages. Do not stack other products on top of Chemcrest Inc. products as this may cause internal or concealed damage.
  2. Polyurethane products maintain the same physical characteristics as wood products. Therefore, when Chemcrest Inc. products are delivered to the job site, all items must be acclimatized. To acclimatize, unwrap the product 12 hours before installing and allow the product to remain in the exact same environment (temperature and humidity) as the installation location. This will allow the polyurethane product to expand or contract, adjusting to the current climate conditions, thereby preventing unwanted movement during installation.