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157 Rivermede Rd
Concord, ON L4K 3M4
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Entrance & Window Systems


For new construction or remodeling, Chemcrest Inc. provides the finishing touch. Use Chemcrest Inc.'s Door Surrounds to dress up any doorway or entrance, and create a unique elegant look to your project.

Choose from hundreds of combinations of Crossheads, Pediments, Sunbursts, and Pilasters to accentuate your Windows and Doors. Pediment styles include Acorn Pediments, Peaked Pediments, Horizon Pediments, and Ramshead Pediments, where Window Accents include Standard Arches, Eyebrow Arches, Sunbursts, and any Crosshead or Pediment style. Adorn your openings with the addition of Dentils, Keystones, or Bottom Trim to our Standard Crossheads.