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Concord, ON L4K 3M4
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Customer Testimonial


Q: What made you decide on urethane millwork?
A: To get the look we wanted,we needed affordable architectural detailing that was maintenance free.

Q: What made you decide on this style of building?
A: We wanted something different than what everybody else had; we love traditional architecture... everyone knows this building... it’s about going back to the basics of feeling at home. In my opinion, this is the best Best Western in the world.

Q: What made you decide on using Chemcrest’s polyurethane products?
A: In South Florida, a lot of people use styrofoam... Chemcrest’s high density polyurethane millwork is dramatically superior to the typical styrofoam appliqué. We built this building for ourselves...we wanted to build a good building, so we picked Chemcrest’s high quality no rot urethane.

The variety of product was amazing...we figured if Chemcrest could do all that and stay within our budget, then we’ve really got something here. We were looking for longevity too, due to our hotel being right on the ocean...we needed rot and rust resistance... a product that was impervious to mother nature... now we just hose it down like a ship.

--Steve Kruse, President Best Western Pelican Beach Resort, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.